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Would You Like To Merge With Your Soul, Discover Your True Purpose And Become A Full-Time Citizen Of The 5th Dimensional Consciousness?

Being on a personal and spiritual development journey can often be frustrating because you quickly realize it’s going to be an ongoing process that might seem like it’ll never end. And that means that you can be continuously buying courses and working with energy healers to develop into the person that you want to be.

Well the good news is that you can also learn to do spiritual work with yourself to achieve the same outcomes when you understand what I’m about to share with you.

“Julie Calvey is a truly loving, dynamically alive bright light. Having been personally transformed by divine light and love, she has emerged from this dramatic awakening with a genuine calling to bring that light and love to you.

She is now a voice of soulful truth and serves you as a gifted guide—leading you from darkness into light, from pain into joy. As you experience her quantum soul weaving, you find your heart opening to levels of personal freedom never before imagined.”

Bill Bauman, Ph.D., Spiritual Leader, Modern Mystic

Do Any Of These Problems Sound Familiar?

Perhaps you’re struggling with physical, emotional, spiritual or relationship challenges? It may be anxiety, depression, illness, overwhelm, confusion or perhaps you lack purpose in life.

You might not even know why you’re suffering or have an intuitive feeling that you just need to see a spiritual guide. The point is that your challenges are going to be unique to you and you often need personalized assistance to get through these tough times

“My symptoms are GONE!”

“I went to see Julie for disabling physical symptoms, I was born with a small opening in my spinal cord which caused inflammation in my spinal cord and throughout my peripheral nervous system. I was in tremendous pain and could barely walk. Once embodying my true soul essences, I used these essences to heal my physical body and my symptoms are GONE!

I walk freely for the first time in my life, without all the heavy duty drugs I was on and all the surgeries I was undergoing. I also found the courage and the necessity to divorce my wife. I wanted to go through this process as easily as possible, in fairness, without giving the lawyers all of our money and without a lot of fighting. However, my wife got mad and let her emotions over-ride reason. It looked like the lawyers were going to get it all.

Julie did a soul clearing on all concerned and our divorce went without a hitch, in grace, ease and equity for all concerned. This was the best decision for all concerned.”

John Bizin, Aurora, CO
Why Giving Up Is
Not An Option…
When you’re going through challenges in your life it can feel like a huge weight on your shoulders. Sometimes it’s easier to ignore the pain than even think about trying to fix what’s wrong.

But the truth that we both know is that you must keep moving forwards. No matter how insurmountable your challenge may be you simply have to keep putting one foot in front of the other until you beat it.

And I know this from personal experience because I’ve honestly looked suicide and death right in the face and I’m still here to tell the tale. I know if you keep trying to ignore the pain or use quick fix solutions to get through the day then life is never going to get better.

“In the beginning, Julie was my Hope. Now I AM my Hope”

“I have been working with Julie for quite a few months. When I started I had pain all over my body, although I’m only in my 40’s. I also started menopause and was suffering with severe mood swings.

I am feeling GREAT in all ways. My mood swings have stopped and, with Julie’s guidance, to embody my own true soul characteristics, I have brought my body into full alignment and I suffer with no physical pains. But best of all, since embodying my soul characteristics, my mind is so quiet (I used to talk so much!) and I feel my body in a way I never felt it before.

My relationship with my husband is so much better! I know and use the right use of compassion as well as power. Petty things simply drop away and I don’t worry anymore. I don’t get into petty arguments anymore. I don’t gossip, etc. I have a deep connection with my soul and receive guidance that is always for the good of me. Sometimes it is quite surprising!

I could say a lot more, but I’ll stop here! I LOVE my menopause. I feel the changes in me as something good, not bad, as if I am changing from young adulthood into a wise Elder and I honor myself for that. In the beginning, Julie was my Hope. Now I AM my Hope, not only for myself, but for my family, for my community and the Earth herself!”

Rina Neen, Somerset, CA
This Is What It All
Comes Down To…

There are many quick fix solutions available to us in this day and age but these often focus on the surface issues. If you really want to experience healing then you have to go deeper.

You have to heal yourself at the soul level by embodying your true soul characteristics and raising your consciousness. Only when you get in touch with what your soul wants will you be able to understand and remove these challenges that are appearing “for no reason.”

Learn To Heal
Early in my healing journey I realized that I had to teach others how to heal themselves or they would keep coming back to me week after week with the same challenges.

Therefore to make a real difference in this world and the lives of those I work with I need to show you how to work through your own challenges without my constant supervision.

That’s why I focus on teaching you how to heal your own soul and raise your consciousness through my specially designed Soul Emergence Program.

“She truly wants me to fly on my own someday”

“Before working with Julie I had no idea what powerful woman I was. I used to defer to my husband, take his advice, take his lead. I felt small and definitely not whole, compared to how I feel now. And I certainly didn’t accept myself.

Julie has a wonderful way of guiding and, at the same time, letting me find myself. She truly “stays out of the way.” She says my body and energy system has its own “genius” and she lets me find that genius and lets that work through me. And it works!

Julie also teaches me, as we go, how to do the same things she is doing for me. She truly wants me to fly on my own someday. And I am practicing, because it is my goal to be a teacher/counselor/healer of some type and this is the way to go!!!

I have noticed, since embodying my soul essences, that I HAVE become an inspiration for other people. People seem to navigate to me. They simply want to be near me, and sometimes ask for advice or just want to look into my eyes. I always smile at them and they instantly relax. Sometimes I put my hand on their shoulder and I can feel their body relax. This is true inspiration for others! How great!”

Mazena Tostinovski, Chicago Ridge, IL
What Does The Soul Emergence Program Give You?

We are all soul and everything starts from our soul. When we begin our life we create ourselves on purpose and with a purpose that we are unconsciously driven by. The Soul Emergence Program helps you get back in touch with your soul and your purpose so you can bring your life back into alignment.

The Soul Emergence Program also works through unconscious traumas from childhood and other areas of your life. By healing these areas at the root cause you can see the benefits ripple across all areas of your life.

The end result is that you will find your true purpose in life and begin to naturally attract everything you want into your life including the right situations, relationships, choices and this will all happen naturally due to your newfound alignment at the soul level.

How Does It Work?

The program works in sequence with each step building on the previous.

First we use meditations to help you remember who you are and the love and light from which you were created. You will begin to embody these energies and face everyday situations in life from a completely new perspective.

Next you will learn how to access the field of the Akasha Records and your own Soul Space. This allows you to learn exactly what your true purpose is and how to embody it in your life.

You then learn how to access the Universal Divine Heart so you can take action with loving guidance from the Universe at all times. You will learn that you are special and that the Universe is here to love you and help you achieve your purpose.

And finally you will learn how to combine the masculine and feminine energies that create oneness and wholeness. You will let go of your old baggage from past lifetimes to the present so you can move into the future empowered and in control.

What Makes The Soul Emergence Program Unique
There is no deeper work than the soul level and its connection with consciousness. This is where everything that you consider positive or negative stems from and this is where it must be addressed if you want true transformational change.

The Soul Emergence Program is also designed so you can use the tools inside by yourself. This means you will be able to continuously heal yourself as new challenges arise in your awareness.

It’s literally the healing gift that keeps on giving.

“I am no longer ‘seeking’ and ‘living through others.’ I am IT!”

“I first started seeing Julie because of very complex relationship issues. Very messy. I did NOT know what to do. Using the wisdom of the Akashic Record Beings I was put into clarity.

As this is an ongoing process we continued to use the Akashic Records, as I made right choice and took right action, to see what was going on with the relationship and I keep myself in clarity. At the same time, Julie and I worked together so that I could fully embody my true soul essences.

WOW! What I thought were such important issues in this messy relationship simply dropped away. My feelings of jealousy dropped, my insecurities dropped, my feelings of hurt dropped. It’s true, when you fully embody your true soul essences, when you KNOW you have come here on PURPOSE and you embody that purpose, nothing else matters. There is NO ROOM for anything of a lower vibration.

I now move forward in life with my Light, in my own power and anything of a lower vibration simply bounces off of me. I feel so great and I love my purpose in life. I am no longer “seeking” and “living through others.” I am IT! Julie has done so much for me and for the good of so many people. She is so kind, so warm and so generous. She is truly a spiritual warrior and nothing will stop her in her own soul mission.”

Sherri Johnson, Austin, TX
Here’s What The Soul Emergence
Program Contains…

Because of the nature of The Soul Emergence Program you must follow the program correctly to achieve the best results. Each of the following stages must be done in the following order with one week in between for practice and contemplation.

Stage 1
Meditation Groundwork
The following meditations can be done sequentially and are best used as an amazing
way to start the day.
Accessing the Sacred Space of the Heart
This meditation will embody you with Divine Love. You’ll realize it’s always available to you and you will learn to live in a space of Divine Love from which you may go into the world with truth and wisdom.

With practice you will learn to live in your true power and let go of any reactive or emotional behaviors that are not in your best interest. Petty things will simply bounce off you while you will be empowered to confront others and situations in a truly loving way where you realize that your only responsibility is to be the most authentic you possible.

Accessing the Universal Heart
This meditation will give you a feeling of “knowing” and an experience that the Universe loves you. You will feel it deep within and embody it in the world around you.

You will realize that this feeling is constantly available to you and with practice you will interact with the world from a place of certainly and calmness.

Accessing the Tiny Space of the Heart
This space is your vital force and when you’re in this space you will know yourself at a very deep level. It is your connection to the “big bang” and where the “silence which meets your soul.”

This is a very powerful experience that is extremely difficult to describe in words. All you need to know right now is that it will be an amazing gift to your life and it’s not something you want to miss out on.

Calling in your Universal Guides
This meditation can be done in sequence with the others but is also nice to do at the end of the day. During it you will call in all of your Universal Guides to the highest level and receive the gift of peace, love and light.

You’ll feel confident knowing how much you are loved by your Universal Guides as you either go about your day, into your evening or even as you drift off to sleep.

Raise your vibration using Living Words
This is a cutting edge meditation that is perfectly timed to raise your vibration right now based on the current state of the Universe. You probably realize that we’re shifting into a new consciousness and this mediation is an important step to becoming a full-time resident in 5D consciousness while leaving the old challenges behind.
Stage 2
Accessing the Akashic
Records Course
Opening your Akashic Records is the best first step you can make to jumpstart you in
your spiritual practice. The Akasha Records contain all the information from all the souls
of all time. It’s like the collective encyclopedia of our interconnected consciousness.
This information is vital in a number of ways…
Dealing With Issues In The Here And Now
You can ask questions of your Akashic Records about a given situation in your life such as:

What am I supposed to learn from this situation?

What is the best way for me to go forward?

What is the next best step for me to take in my spiritual development?

Co-creative answers in the greatest truth and accuracy will come from the Akasha and you’ll be amazed with what you can ask and the answers that will be provided. .

Healing occurs whenever your records are opening. This is something that I see and feel at a different level to most. Just realize it’s simply part of the truth of the Akasha and let it work its magic on you.
Determine Your “Soul Portrait”
Using your Akashic Records I’ll guide you to determine your Soul Portrait to help understand your origins. This is important so you can use the energies of your soul and emanate them out into the world by sharing them with others. You already hold these energies within you – often without realizing – and you simply need to become aware and embody them in your life.
Plus The Course Will Give You All This And More…

Learn how to open the Akashic Records Field

Learn how to open your individual records or the records of any individual soul

Identify your home planets and learn about the qualities of your home planets

Identify your Archangel Realms and learn about these energy realms

Identify your spirit guides and know why they are there for you

Learn how to ask meaningful questions

Learn how to use a pendulum to ask questions requiring a “yes” and “no” answer

Learn how to interpret images received

Practice opening the Akashic Records and do Soul Portraits for others

And most importantly realize that after this training the Akashic Record Beings will become a part of you. You’ll be IN the records and BE the records at the same time. It is a very powerful guidance and healing system as known by all those that have experienced it.

Stage 3
Accessing the Universal
Divine Heart
By learning how to access the Universal Divine Heart you can take action with loving guidance from the Universe at all time. This workshop will guide you to a Universal Divine Heart that is unique to you. This is a space of guidance of the highest level that is powerful and all-knowing.

Once found it becomes a part of you and it will help guide you in your daily life. All you have to do is think about it and you will feel held in the arms of the universe and messages will flow for the good of you and for the good of all.

Stage 4
Combining the Masculine
and Feminine
This is an important workshop for both men and women. It teaches you how to embody the power of the masculine and the feminine to create something brand new. Remember that our souls have all played parts that were both men and women throughout our soul’s history which mean we all hold within us the masculine and feminine.

Now you’re more experienced in opening your Akashic Records I will guide you back in time to when the masculine and feminine first fell out of balance through to the present time. You will feel and bring parts out of separation back into wholeness while clearing any negativity around them.

This is embodied by a standing meditation that will combine both sides of your chakra lines and your brain. In the end you’ll walk into the world with the right use of power and compassion in your full abundance. You will have birthed a new you, opened your spiritual senses and you will know your new self in truth and accuracy.

This workshop contains my most advanced and cutting-edge tools to clear what does not belong to us and to help raise us out of 3D consciousness, through the 4th and into 5D consciousness. This is my most powerful work yet and I know you will love it!

Plus Receive These Great Bonuses…
Free 30 minute Akashic Record Reading including a Soul Portrait
I will personally do a 30 minute Akashic Record Reading with you so you can experience it for yourself. This includes your Soul Portrait that I described above as well.

This will give you another perspective on accessing the Akashic Records by working with me 1-on-1. It will help increase your abilities when healing yourself because you will see exactly what I do and how I work with you personally.

You’ll also have your own Soul Portrait so you can compare it to the Soul Portrait you have created for yourself and again extend your knowledge and experience.

Plus ask me any questions you want about the Soul Emergence Program that will help your understanding of the course content and how to use it to heal yourself.

Four Weeks Of Our Sacred Soul Circle
Group Call
During these sessions I will be teaching you tools to become a full-time citizen of the 5th dimensional consciousness. These tools are designed to remember all of your bodies and are easy, fun and feel great! However they must be done in a step-wise process… each one building on the previous.

We are all going home… home to 5th dimensional consciousness which is already in place. It will be bumpy for the next couple of years but by using these tools your ride will be faster and with the most ease and grace possible.

Will It Work For Me?

The Soul Emergence Program has been carefully crafted for you to receive the education and experience to heal yourself along your spiritual journey. It gives you the tools you need to identify challenges in your own life and the ability to overcome those challenges.

It works because you can personalize your healing to your exact needs wherever you are on your journey.

“Since using Julie for this service our business runs itself”

“My name is Jim Benson and I work for a company in Chicago, IL. We use Julie to give an Akashic Record Reading before hiring anyone or contracting with anyone. Since using Julie for this service our business runs itself. We have no problems with employees (who have all had soul clearings), no problems with non-payments and our work environment is Joyful (Julie also cleared our office space). Julie is an absolute blessing. She is always available when we call on her with a last minute request or problem.”

Jim Benson, Westmont, IL
Take A Look At Some Of These Results…
Absolutely everyone who has used my products has reported 100% success for what the program has promised to deliver. That’s because when you work at the soul level in the correct way I can guarantee you’ll get results (more about that in a second).
100% of the people I work with…

Come to me with blocked hearts. Once they embody their true soul essences they can feel divine love and joy for the very first time
Now embody their true soul essence and fall in love with themselves
Feel less fearful
Feel in command of their lives and in peace even in the midst of the chaos around them
Feel they have found “home”
Don’t worry so much
No longer feel depressed (if they felt depressed before)
Feel happy and their happiness is contagious!
Are able to heal physical ailments using their embodied soul essences
Feel more alive and are enthusiastic about having come here on purpose and about living from that purpose
90% of the people I work with…

Heal parts of their physical bodies
Heal relationship issues or leave relationships that are pulling them off their soul path
Find themselves relating to people from a place of empowerment and true use of compassion rather than reacting emotionally
Now open their own Akashic Records and live from that space
80% of the people I work with…

Tell me that other people in their lives have told them that they appear much brighter than they used to be and want to know their “secret”
Are feeling more whole
Have a felt sense of peace
75% of the people I work with…

Are easily bringing abundance into their lives in all ways
Your Results
Are Guaranteed
I’m so confident the Soul Emergence Program can teach you to heal yourself while finding your soul essence and true purpose that I guarantee it.

If you go through the program and aren’t completely satisfied with the results you receive then simply let me know and I’ll refund the complete program.

I want to make this a risk-free choice and I can do this because I know it will work for you.

Stage 1
Meditation Groundwork ($200)
Stage 2
Accessing the Akashic Records Course ($300)
Stage 3
Accessing the Universal Divine Heart ($500)
Stage 4
Combining the Masculine and Feminine Workshop ($400)
Plus these special bonuses…
    • Free 30 minute Akashic Record Reading
      including a Soul Portrait ($75)

  • Sacred Soul Circle Group Call ($100)
(normally $1575) if you take advantage of our special offer right now.
“I am SOOO Happy! I feel so whole!”

“I am so excited to write this testimonial as Julie has changed my life! I am SOOO Happy! I feel so whole! Julie has guided me to bring parts out of separation back into the Divine Love from which they were created.

I don’t feel small and weak anymore, I feel whole and in my own power in a big way. I seem to naturally radiate this into the world. I receive whatever I ask for. A raise, a better relationship, true friendship, abundance in all ways. But mostly, I am in Joy! And anyone who is near me feels it – it is contagious!

I have fully embodied my true soul characteristics and I use them. I feel my brain and spiritual centers opening and see the truth of others and this Earth in their true beauty and true abundance. I am in Love with Life and in Love with myself and all of God’s creatures and especially with this beautiful Earth who loves us so much. I am so happy that I have decided to incarnate at this most special time in Earth’s history! We are doing it ! YAY !”

Jackie Salvidar, Chicago Ridge, IL
About Julie

Julie was born with an amazing clairvoyance and sense of “knowing” however her path was anything but easy. She was raised in an abusive and unloving family and had 3 abusive marriages that squashed her of any needs, wants or desires of her own.

Struck down with a debilitating illness she was bed ridden for over a year and thought her life was over. She even visited suicide.com and looked death right in the face. Yet hitting rock bottom was the major turning point of her life.

Julie reawakened her spiritual abilities that had been squashed and started to heal herself.

Salepage: http://fromheartachetojoy.com/series6/special/Julie/
Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/aMbIJ

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Julie Calvey – Soul Emergence program
Julie Calvey – Soul Emergence program


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